Letter from the Chairman

The Rover Alcisa Group is more than just a company. It is a team of high-level professionals, who fully identify with corporate culture. Our intellectual capital is our asset.

We are aware that we form part of a modern society, to which we have a full duty. Therefore, contributing to the development of our country and creating maximum value for our society has been and is pivotal to our group.

An objective realized on three fronts:

Firstly, with regard to our clients, carrying out projects in which quality, safety and caring for the environment are paramount, as well as meeting anticipated deadlines.

Secondly, with regard to persons forming part of our Group, providing them with a living space where they can develop professionally and as people.

Thirdly, with regard to our shareholders, providing them with financial surpluses which guarantee development of their corporate initiatives.

We enjoy challenges, the bigger, the better. Starting the day thinking of ways to improve forms part of our philosophy. Ongoing innovation enables us to progress and be at the forefront in planning and economic management systems. Clearly, This is without a doubt the factor that sets our Group apart.

Our challenge is to put together a large, diversified, yet specialised, which is sure to provide for an exciting future.


President of the Rover Alcisa Group